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Classic Friendship Bracelet

A true oldschool value. You can never go wrong with classic, string friendship bracelets.

There are some things that never go out of style. Like these classic, string friendship bracelets. Fully customizable, choose your name on your bracelet, and the colors to go with it. These bracelets were inspired by our schoolyard days. Those days when you had a bracelet to show the world who you care about, your bff, to be close with someone even when you're apart. That's what it means to us, too. Bringing back a childhood classic. This is the best place to buy friendship bracelets - they're handmade with love, which is so much more personal than any machine made product.
Here you can design your own friendship bracelets. And know that they'll be one of a kind. Your custom wristband will be made by hand, meaning that no two in this world are alike.

Show the world what you care about with custom string friendship bracelets. The definition of homeliness.

These bracelets are 35cm long, and should fit most wrists - simply tie it where it fits best. And don't forget to make a wish as you put it on!

friendship bracelets
friendship bracelets
friendship bracelets